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internal air training

Breathing…you do it every second of every day, yet most people have forgotten how to breathe properly and as a result, live with poorly oxygenated blood and tissues. The primary objective of this type of training is to learn how to breath and move at the same time. There are three levels of training in this style and its primary objective is to push oxygenated blood deeper into the body, reaching areas that are usually stagnated or un-stimulated.

This is like nothing you've ever experienced before because this training has never been available in the West before.

Paul is a marital artist and healer who has spent the last 35 years learning and practicing this system.
He can show you how to use your air for a better life, body and far superior health.


blood pressure problems

For those with both high and low blood pressure issues.

This format, pressurising the body at certain times coordinated with the precise movements will stablise the internal pressure ofthe body over time.


Muscular and joint problems

People suffering from inflexible and stagnated joints, weak muscles and an inability to move correctly.

The movement over a period of time, feeds and lossens the stagnated joints and allows them to free up through very specific natural movements.



Low or no energy to achieve daily tasks.

Many of these situations are caused by poorly aspirated blood or weak circulation throughout the body. By training correctly, you can aspirate the blood, transport it into the areas that are blocked thereby allowing the circulatory system to re-fire with a stronger current.


Mental health problems

This training teaches people how to calm the mind by combining breath and movement in specific, timed sequences.

The brain, like the rest of the organs requires nourishment through a clean circulatory system that carries aspirated blood. This training allows you to achieve higher levels of aspirated blood.


The idea of teaching this air, is primarily to help people who are unwell, or unbalanced in any area of their physical and or mental wellbeing. Teaching everyday people, preferably without martial skills, is my sole objective. Everyone should be able to move through the world freely and with a clear mind.

Paul Brennan Sifu
Australian Representative
Hong Kong Headquarters
Chow Family Praying Mantis Sect