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I came down with depression in late December, 2015. I was in a mire for some months.

I did everything right – spoke to my family and everyone about it – sought treatment from my doctor, psychologist, naturopath, homeopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist plus meditation etc..

They all helped and would recommend all of these to anyone who has depression / anxiety. However, I started doing Air Training with Sifu Brennan in February, 2016 and I noticed a marked improvement in my depression within a short period of time.

My depression following all of these treatments was markedly reduced within 6 to 9 months and is almost gone or very controlled now.

Of all the treatments, I would say that the Air Training was the most important for my recovery – I would put it at 65% of my recovery with the other treatments at 35% - all very important though and all needed.

I remember saying to my psychologist that I could literally feel myself crying on the inside with happiness due to the effects of the Air Training.

Air Training has rebalanced my internal energy flow which has in turn rebalanced my physiology, including my head.

I recommend it highly to anyone – not just with mental ailments but any ailment – physical or psychological.

— r. Watson, August 29, 2017



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