Paul Brennan Air Training
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Sifu Brennan


Paul Brennan sifu

Paul Brennan is a Hong Kong trained and certified Chow Gar Tong Long Kung Fu Master. He has been training consistently for 40 years and continues to expand his martial art with annual visits to his Grand Master in Hong Kong.

Paul's objective is to show people in Australia how to enhance their internal health, external health and improve the general strength of their bodies. This internal air practice will teach you how to transport internal energies to different parts of your body allowing its function to be cleaner and smoother.

This soft side of the Mantis Kung Fu system is there to smooth out, balance, control and stimulate various parts of the body that have been lying dormant since birth. The deeper information attached to this format of training within the system has been a guarded secret for generations and is unknown in Australia.

To some, it might sound like Tai Chi (or it’s traditional name Tai Gec), but they are mistaken, as traditional Chow Family Mantis has an extremely deep level of knowledge within the high levels of breath and body conditioning.

The good part of this is to a non-martial artist, with poor health, over a reasonably short period of time, it can alleviate many health issues when trained consistently. This site and information is primarily directed at people with health issues, not martial artists.